The Different Versions Of Condom

A condom is a common form of birth control. It’s worn over a penis or inserted into the vagina prior to sexual intercourse. It’s designed both for women and men. It is usually available in the form of latex rubber. It is an effective means to prevent pregnancy and protect from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). It works by standing as a physical barrier by preventing the sperm from going into the vagina to fertilize an egg. It’s also an effective method to decrease the risk of HIV/AIDS, syphilis, Chlamydia and protect against herpes and genital warts.


Condoms are designed both for men and women. The women version is made from polyurethane sheath. It consists of flexible rings at both ends along with also an opening on one end. The male model is offered in a flexible tube that is cushioned. Male has more options when it comes to condoms. There are latex rubbers or plastic edition, which is a popular and frequent type. It is an effective means to prevent pregnancy in addition to protect from sexually transmitted diseases. To generate additional details please head to Happybam

The latex or plastic version is also provided with a thin coating of lubricants. The lube helps to prevent pain or irritation during intercourse. Additionally, there are spermicide-coated versions where a compound called nonoxynol-9 is used to kill the sperms. Therefore it reduces the possibility of pregnancy. People who are allergic to rubber or plastic can decide on a more natural variant, for example lambskin. It’s a type of Condom made out of lamb intestines. Even though it might not provide enough protection because of small openings, it arouses body warmth and less allergic response.

There are a few guys who have an allergic reaction to latex rubber or plastics. Therefore, the lambskin version is a favorite option. The lambskin version and as the name implies, is made from lamb gut. Similar to human skin, the lamb intestines have tiny openings. Though it may be an optional version for men with an allergic response to latex and rubber, it does not offer full protection. It can, however, be used together with another contraceptive.

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